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Message from: none

Subject: help

my heart is breaking, i dont no wot 2 do.

Reply from: Jenni - 05 Aug 03

Subject: hi

hi. if u wanna talk this site is really good for advice. every1 on here has been through different things, even though they're all pretty similar. i lost my boyfr in a car crash 8 months ago and this site has helped me loads!
if u wanna say whats wrong im sure that people here will help.
lots of love jen x

Reply from: - 03 Sep 03

Subject: (no subject)

my parents are dead. i have to live with a family who don't know me or care about me. i have nobody.

Reply from: Jenni - 05 Sep 03


Hi i'm really sorry 2 hear bout yr parents.
I dont know how u must b feelin but i can feel how awful it must b to lose both of them.
my boyf, rich, died in a car crash and i still feel miserable even tho it was 9 mnths ago now.
have u tried talkin 2 ne1? councelling can help alot, i talked to my vicar and she really helped me.
have u talked to the family yr living with? im sure theyd help u if they knew how u feel. if u wanna write back, talk, ask me nething, or just have a good let out for everything, feel free! ill reply and ill help u if i can.
theres afew people on this site whove lost both parents and im sure they understand more than i will but if i can help i will
lots of love, stay strong
jen xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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