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Message from: candi, 12 Apr 06

Subject: heres my story.. MISS YOU GUYS.

i completly understand. i didnt lose a dad, i lost a close close freind..prety much my sister. she was 1 day away from being 18. 6 months later i lost another friend, brandon. onn top of the casket was a picture of him and lindsay..they were friends to! 2 years past and things seemed to be geting better after the aniversay. then 2 days after that, another realy good friend died. Pj was brandons best freind, how coudl God take him too! this is a realy hard time for al of us in this small town. after only 2 months on april 8th (yesrday) another friend died. is this town cursed? we cant take it anymore.. its all the tiem, its the same ppl feeling hurt . EVERY SINGLE DAY i miss them.... 3 rip LINDSAY brandon PJ jeremy

Reply from: emma

Subject:i am sorry

i know its hard for you all at the mo but when i lost sombody close i made a little memory box i put a picture of my nan in it and stuff like that, it made me and the rest of my small family a whole load better!

Reply from:Nasha

Subject:It feels hard at first

I'm so sorry, i know what you going through to some extent, my uncle died last august, then my nan in decemeber and now my auntie in march.
These all happened when i was away fromhome. So coming back i had to be told.

I expect you are feleing very lonely and are expecting another person to die, i am. Since all there every seems is death!

But the thing is not to lose faith in your family. They will help you. You may feel lost, wondering why them? or even scared, its natural.

Its just awful that it had to happen with in small amounts of time between them all.

What Emma said is what ive done. It is a lovely thing to do, and when your feeling really down, going to it and looking at all the good old memories make you happier.

Here if you want to talk. Take care

Reply from:candi

Subject:time cant heal all wounds

thanks for the reply, maybe ill try that. im glad someone is reading this. losing 4 freinds in 2 years has only made me stronger, but some days i just want to fall apart. last week i attended my last viewing, hopefuly for a very long time. i have his sweatshirt, and still have no clue what to do with it. its incredibly different dealing with this every single day of my no other feeling. with the holidays it gets more difficult, but only friends & family can get you through things like this. I wear a braclet on my ankle year around. the only time it comes off is ONCE a year, to change it. i do this in memborance of all my friends that i have lost and i sometimes just look at it before a test or when times get rough..seems to ease the pain.

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