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Message from: Princess , 10 Apr 06

Subject: (no subject)

I was at a friends house and the phone rings and it was my brother on the other line he says dad just passed out so i say from what he states he could not breath so i called my older brother and he's screaming on the other end of the phone and i yell please dont say theres anything wrong with my dad,My cousin gets on the phone and says his heart stopped and he can't breathe on his own.I drop the phone and fall down i was devistated i was screaming at the top of my lungs.My friends mom brings me to the hospital and within 10 minutes the doctor comes out and says you might want to sit down after that i was heartbroken.I have 5 brothers a sister and mother who was devistated not to mention his father and sibilings.I need to know how do i deal with going to school and my family im so behind on my work my mom never lived with us so me being 16 and my older brother being 20 have to be there for the younger ones,and i still have to past high school somebody please help me.
I need help

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