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Message from: beth , 01 Apr 06

Subject: My big bro's gone:(

My bro died a couple of years ago he was only 12 he had a brain tumor!nd i miss him so much i feel so lonely:(

Reply from: nicole

Subject:hi beth

hi im really sorri bout ur bro my mums uncle died n shes neva bin the same im really sorry xxx

Reply from:adam

Subject:i am sorry

hi i am so so sorry your brother i think was the best to u so if u what to talk to someone one i am here or send me a email on (Sorry Adam because of safety & confidentiality we don't post peoples personal details. Hope you can understand that & but you can of course keep using the message board to keep in touch. Rd4U)

Reply from:Beth

Subject:(no subject)

hi nicole thnx im sorry 2 hear abwt that!xxxxxxx

Reply from: Catriona

Subject: I lost mine too...

I lost my little brother from a brain tumour just over a month ago...It kills and I'm finding it hard too, hope your okay and getting support...

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