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Message from: amy , 01 Apr 06

Subject: (no subject)

my dad died in hospital of bowel cancer. the worst part was i never got to say bye because i hadn't seen him in a week. its taken me ages to accept it and still a month after it happened i expected him to walk through the door even though i knew it wouldn't happen. i wish i could have told him how much i loved him because i never told him enough.

Reply from:kate

Subject:i no what u mean

hi there,
sorry to hear bout your dad,its only been 1 month,its still so raw for you,it will take a long time for u to realise what has happened to your dad died suddenly last year in april so the first anniversary is coming up in a few weeks,he was 48,heartattack and internal bleed,and a year on i still cant accept that i wont see him again,so dont blame yourself foe feeling the way you do after a month,you keep strong,message me back if you like,take care

Reply from:amy

Subject:(no subject)

thank you for replying to my message, its made me feel much better. I'm sorry to hear about to hear about your dad too that must have been really horrible for you. Don't forget a year is still early days so don't worry. Thankyou very much again and I hope you feel better soon although I know its hard.

Reply from: Debbie

Subject:ur dad

My mum died of a cancer called melanoma which is a skin cancer but it was in her bowel (apparently v rare) in feb of 2001 when i was 13. I never got to say good bye to her either as we visited every tuesday and she died on the monday so i know how u feel, i never said how much i loved and appreciated her enough either. I found it so hard to accept she had gone i started believing she was still out there lost or sumthing! silly reli but you do find it easier as time goes by there are always times u'll miss ur dad, just think, he's so proud of u and if he was with u now he'd want to say he loves u
take care

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