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Message from: Emese and Shazza, 01 Apr 06

Subject: mothers day

heya everyone!
our mum died last year and this years mothers day was really lonely. we went to her grave and placed flowers and stuff but i dont want to go through another one again. what kind of things could we do on mothers day next year or what things could we do any other day? we miss her loads!
plz write back
luv ya all!xxxxx
from shazza and emixxxxxxxxxx

Reply from: Debbie

Subject:Mothers day issues

i'm sorry for ur loss.
I lost my mum in 2001 when i was 13. Mothers day is always hard as is her birthday, the day she died but this is perfectly normal. What i do at these times is light a candle one the day and as i go to church and mothers day is a big thing there, me and my bros tended to go out bowling or summat this gets things off ur mind and u can always know that ur mum would love to see u having fun.just remember there is nothing wrong wit crying if u tell sumone how u feel too - writin stuff down can help too if u feel u can't talk atm. hope this helps, take care xxx

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