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Message from: gabi, 01 Apr 06

Subject: daddy

i feel really alone at school like i have no one to really talk to . When I am in lessons my mind wanders to my daddy and people constantly ask me why i am crying. i dont no what to do

Reply from:Ian

Subject: (no subject)

Same here but in my school you can't cry as you are seen as weak, life is so hard since my dad died, since my dad died my school work has gotten a lot worst and i am probably goin to fail my GCSE's. i hate this situation im in.

Reply from:Sophie

Subject:Hey Ian

I felt just like you this time last year, My dad died exactly a month before i say my first GCSE. it was the worst possible thing that could happen at the worst possible time. Just do the best you can, and remember nobody will think any less of you if u dont do as well as you thought. You're dad will still be proud. Take care, and message back xxxxx

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