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Message from: Emi, 01 Apr 06

Subject: She's dissapeared!

Hi everyone
In april 2005 when i was 10 my mum died. im now 11 and mothers day yesterday was really different without her. im still confused about what were gong to do on her birthday. as i read all the other messages about kids who lose there mums i no im not the only person left in agony. my life wiith my dad is good but it is still different without my mum. my friends give me lots of advice, but it dosent seem to work. i really miss my mum and i cry all the time. my other problem is that my older sister is mean to me so i cant talk about growing up and my love life. i really need somebody to talk to please someone give me some advice as soon as possible thankyou xxx

Reply from: Debbie

Subject:Your mum

I'm so sorry for your loss, Believe me, i know how u must feel. My mum died on 19th Feb 2001 when i was 13. Birthdays, mothers day, the day she died are always days wen u remember, it's always a but weird especially the first yr or 2. I didn't reli know my dad when i started living with him and i still don't reli but u get through, the human spirit is an amazing thing and i think ur v brave and an amazing person for asking for help, i didn't and i found it so hard on my own. What ever u do, don't cut urself off frm ur friends, their are the greatest support at this time. remember ur family is going through the same thing, ur sisters reaction of lashing out at u might b her way of dealing with her loss my bro did the same thing. u hav hard times ahead but i'll message u on here if u want advice or help, i'll check everyday to c ur reply. u'll b fine hun take care xxx

Reply from:bec

Subject: suggestions 4 u

my mum died wen i was 9 and i am now 15 and a friends of myn tld me this and i thought it mite b useful if i pasd it on 2 u so here goes
'wen a lovd one is taken away from us, we never get over them or come 2 term with it, we learn 2 accept the reality of it'
Nxt annerversary mayb u cud go out n do something tht ur mum enjoyd or u cud write a letter for her and jst pour out al of ur feelings and say wot u feel needs 2 b said mayb u cud try and do a letter as a family n this mite give u sum time 2 become closer and also reveal 2 each other ur feelings and tlk bwt the memories u shared as a family in the letter
good luck
love bec xXx

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