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Message from: Samantha, 25 Mar 06

Subject: My dad

My dad died on december 25th i dont no where to put my head. Iv had ppl sayin doh worri hes in a better of place but when he was in my house in my arms then i new he was safe, how the hell am i sposed to no he is safe now he hasnt foned to let me no he hasnt sent a letter he haasnt left me a sign please help 13 year old heart-broken daughter x X x Sammi x X x

Reply from: Ash

Subject: Dad

Hey Sammi,
I was 12 when my dad died in a Road accident. dont worry ull cope, i know its s*** at the moment but things will change. yer i still feel down every now n again but time heals everything. i know its one of the most painfull things to have to deal with, i was lost and in a way still am but you get thro it. im 17 now and ive not let it get in my way, i did good at GCSE and am at As i got a great gf and everythings on the up. so give it time, im here if ya wanna chat, i know im onli a random guy of the net. I applied to Cruse the other day waiting ont he reply

Ash (17)

Reply from: sian


hi i lost my dad to and when im sad
i tell myself he is still in are
heart and are mind and he is looking down on me every day where
ever i am
from sian

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