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Message from: elle, 25 Mar 06

Subject: my mum

my mum died in november and it was such a shoick as she was fit and healthy,i'm finding it hard tto let ppl no how i feel cos i feel as tho i have to be there and b ok for my bro's, it feels like i'm dreaming and i keep reliving the moment it all happened.....i dont know how to talk to n e 1 can sum1help?

Reply from: Emi

Subject: Open the door!

hi Elle,
my mum died of lung cancer in april when i was 10. it feels like a night mare and i just want to rewind and bring my mum back to life! i come home from school and im all alone, mums gone, out of the house, but she is still with me. i look to the sky and close my eyes and think off all the great thing mum and i did together, and do all those wonderfull things again in my mind. try looking in a photo album and find a picture of your mum holding you when you where born, and you will know that your mum did not want to let go of you, she wanted to keep you bundled safe inside her arms forever and ever. everyone has to die, your mum is safe, up in heaven, with everyone elses relatives or friends or maybe even their lovers! your mum is suffering no pain other than the pain of wanting to be with you, she is waiting for you.
luv Emi xxx
p.s. dont get the urge to kill yourself, even though yo want to be with your mum.

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