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Message from: laura, 25 Mar 06

Subject: I no i rite on hear alot but i need help...

Ive writen on here about my sista chantelle a few tymes ..and i thought i was startin 2 realise she isnt here but i dnt !! im so confused cz 1 minutite i realise and the next idnt its so cofusing and i jus scared im gna feel like this 4eva i jus dnt no wt 2 do ...i dnt hav any1 who ustands how im feelin in my skwl as im the onli person who has lost a sista at skwl ...lots of my friends r starting 2 dirve and so is my boyfreind...sum1 called me stupid beacsuse i wil getin tha car wid him and becuase mysista died in her boyfriends car every1 expects me 2!! but he isnt my sistaz boyfriend and im not my sista!!!! i jus dnot no wt 2 say bk anymre:( xxxxx

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