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Message from: laura, 25 Mar 06

Subject: laura, judith and sam

ok here goes, end of July 2003 at girl at my school died after falling off a catamaran, my parents told me on the way back from a camp and i was shocked as she was the same age as my little sister, when we arrived back home my mum told me that my godmother Judith had also died of cancer following 6 long years of suffering leaving behind 2 young children the day before her birthday...the day after her funeral, exactly a week later we got an email saying that a friend, Sam was in hospital with a blood clot on the brain, he died aged only 15 and it took me 2 1/2 yrs to admit how much id fancied him for fear of it hurting too much. at the age of only 13 to lose 3 people in a week was painful enough, the fact that no-one knew how to help me made it even worse. i really appreciate what the cruse charity does and hope that they carry on to help any other people suffering from bereavement and educating others on how to do the same. thank you for caring.
RIP Laura, Judith and Sam...i will always love you...

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