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Message from: laura, 25 Mar 06

Subject: can anyone help?

my brother died almost a year ago in a tragic car crash, its almost his 1 year anniversary and i am dreading it. can anyone give me any ideas as how to get through this awful day?

Reply from:katie

Subject:im sorry

they always say that the first years the worst and all my heart goes out to you on such a painful day, make the day special and do something he may have enjoyed doing as a family, it sounds corny but just because they aren't around any more doesnt mean that they've gone. it may not be a happy day but it is still special, dont just act like its any normal day, though i doubt you were planning sorry if im not much help but i hope that you get through the day, good luck honey and im sorry for your loss

Reply from:izzy

Subject: (no subject)

Hey I can certainly empathise. I lost my twin brother when he was run down by a car- I'm 17 now and that was some years ago now. The pain has lessened but I don't alwas find it easy to deal with.
On the anniversary of his accident, I always try to take some time out to remember him (hard sometimes as it falls in the middle of the exam period, and I've underperformed on more than one occassion.) I didnt visit his grave for years, and I found when I did, that helped me. Make sure you're around people who care for you, people who you can talk to and people who can help you. I used to find it very hard to try to comfort people over what I saw as predominantly my tragidy.
I know you can to it. Be strong for yourself your family and for him.
I'm thinking of you.
:) xx

Reply from:Debs

Subject:First Anniversary

I lost my brother in a road accident aswell and I found that doing something with family/friends to take my mind off it helped me. Please keep your chin up and remember that you will get through this and it does get easier for you (even if it doesn't seem like it now).
Thinking of you
Debs x

Reply from: Kelly

Subject: Nearly 5years and its the same!!

I lost my brother on the 5th May to a drunk & drugged driver, It will be 5 years this May.
I still feel the same on each aniversary...... CRAP!!
Im not saying it will always be a few years ago i had a good day i laughed. i cried it felt good!!
The pain will be the same that you have always felt but you will soon find it easier to cope with
All my regards and love

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