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Message from: jessica, 25 Mar 06

Subject: nana

i have lost my nanna i miss her so nuch i am only 10 years old i miss her
some one plz repy i need u help

Reply from: nash


i no hoew u feel jessica my nana died i miss her so much,we had lodz of good times i all way feel angrey it just i thing hope u get better soon i will keep wite back to u again soon lov nash XXXXXXXXX

Reply from: rebecca
Subject : my nana
hi jessica and nash, my nanna died to. She died on the 24th november actually 07. It is a sad time but eventually you know that they are in a safe place and t upsets tham to know that you are missing them loads. Its ok to miss them but make sure that you live your life to the full because everysecond counts so you dnt want to lose your precous time..xx wb

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