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Message from: Anon, 17 Mar 06

Subject: (no subject)

I think it is the missing that hurts the most. We take so many things for granted and we assume everything is going to be here for ever. I miss David so much and I know time is the essence and I try and spend has much as I can with those I love. I know how important it is and I always say I LOVE YOU cause i never got the chance with Dave, he was in a coma. I pray and hope he heard me cause until I lost him, i never understood the concept of death. I could emphasise, but now I know the anguish and pain death brings I realise that although death is inevitable, it never takes the pain away. I suppose over time the pain becomes another type of pain, but when you loose someone dear to your heart it devours you. I know people around me care and I know I should endeavour to have as much time with them, but I feel selfish, it is him i want no one else. I hate being without him. It is like having icecream but with the flavour everything seems bland!

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