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Message from: jessicaq, 13 Mar 06

Subject: nana

my nanna died just over a year ago she was like a mum to me and i miss her so much we had fun together
somone pleace reply

Reply from:bethan

Subject:your nan reply

hey, i sort of know how you feel, i lost my great gran 2 lung cancer wheni was 10, i was really close to her, now my nan has alsheimers disease, shes slowing dissappearing away and i dont seem 2 recognise her anymore, i dont not what i would do if that terrible day were 2 come soon, be strond, and remember the good times about yor nan, good look in your life, bethan x

Reply from: Nash


My nan died last year at christmas, i know what you mean about your nan being like your mom,
My nan and i was very close to one another, very close.

Losing her was the hardest thing i ever had to deal with and im still dealing.
But as long as you know that her memorie lives inside of you, you feel tiny bit better. Hopefully when your ready you can rejoice her memory instead of be saddend by it.

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