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Message from: Zoe, 13 Mar 06

Subject: Becky

Why did God have to take Becky Away at the age of 16! she had so much 2 live 4! She was goin 2 college n now all i fink bout is my best friend up in heaven! Why? Times a healer - i dont fink so

Reply from:Jen

Subject: reply to becky

Hi Becky

I have just lost my best friend too. He was 22 a bit older than your mate. I'm 21 and its the hardest thing i've ever had to go through. I don't time does heal, some pain never goes away. We will learn how to deal with it and be happy again though.

The things that keep me going is all the happy memories i have. Just keep those close to you and you can get through it.

Be brave and you will be ok. Its even more important that we make the most out of our lives. I am the person i am today because of my friend, ian. I'm keeping smiling for him and i'm going to have the life he would have wanted me to have.

You should do all the things you ever wanted to do and hold you friend in your heart every step you take.

Take care, x x

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