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Message from: Gaby, 13 Mar 06

Subject: daddy

I recently have lost my dad and my granddad. I am finding it really hard and my friends don't know what to do when I start to cry. Can any one help me whith how to deal with this

Reply from:becky


Hi im becky
i lost my dad on the 3rd september 2005. i blamed myself.i will allways remeber him. if ya need to chat im there4 ya.

Reply from:rachel

Subject: daddy

hi Gaby
my dad died last year,i'm sorry that your dad has died too.
Always here if you need someone to talk to,,luv rachel

Reply from: Sophie

Subject: (no subject)

Hey guys, i lost my dad suddenly last year and cried a lot aswell. Theres nothing my friends could do, i knew that, i just needed them to be there for me and give me a cuddle when i needed it. Just knowing that i couldtalk to them if i wanted to helped me. How old are you both? message back xx

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