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Message from: hannahl, 13 Mar 06

Subject: my sister

my sister died 3 months ago, she was only 14 months younger than me so we were like twins. i cant stand school coz wew went 2 the same 1 and i keep expectin to see her round the corner. i dont like going to school because of it so am nt doing very well. i cant focus on anything and i cant talk 2 any of my friends as im only 15 and no-one understands. i dont know if what i am feeling is normal either, i just feel kinda empty. does anyone else feel the same?

Reply from:Charlie

Subject:Hiya hannah

hi hannah...i feel ecalty the same and my sista was very very close and is till think she is goin 2 walk round the corna ..and i felt tht i was alone 2 and i still do so im not much help i jus wnted u 2 no ur not tha onli1 who feels like tht always here 2 help you..x.x.x.x

Reply from: chelsea
i know how u feel cause my sister died to in 2007 and i am still relly upset it is heartbreaking but mmy mum says to me when i feel like i want my life

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