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Message from: phil, 13 Mar 06

Subject: my mum

hello iam phil and 19 my mum died 4 months ago october 29 2005 . she died in a space of 10 weeks after being diagonosed wit a brain tumor then finding out she had lung cancer. At the moment ive had been coping but gradully i finding it hard even thoug everybody in my family thinks iam ok . iam getting on with my life but it is so hard sometime i jsut dont wana get out of bed but i know i have too . also it is even worse with mothers day coming up .has any one got any good sujestions on what to do iam not looking forward to it atall

Reply from: nats

Subject: mothers day

iv found out a really good way of dealing with mothers day...its kinda chessey but makes me feel loads better, get a helium balloon and a card, attach the card to the balloon with whateva u want written in or a photo and from her grave or ashes let it into the sky, i like to imagine it goin to heaven. hope ur ok...

Reply from: Emi

Subject: Dont worry

hi phil
im 11 and my name is Emi. i lost my mum in april 2005. mothers day this year didnt go to well.try and use nats really good advice for your mums birthday!my mum also had lung cancer, and about a year later it spread to her brain and she got brain tumor. just think inside your head:"i am not the only one in pain from the thought of my mum dying, there was no way to stop this disaster, there is always someone there for me, and i can talk to them about anything."
it is a kind of thought that makes you feel lost and you want to close in on the world so you can join your mum, but just stop and think. i know my advice isnt as good as nats but hey, you can always have a cake to cheer yourself up! try it.
love Emi xxx

Reply from: sarah, 10 May 06

Subject: your mum

i lost my mum 2 wks ago to terminal lung cancer it took 8 wks i was there on her last breath. it was terrible she done so much to help us grow and when she needed us we couldnt still trying to tell the world im fine but a mess and i go to bed in her wrist band from hospital i dont know why.. i sleep with her picture but i wake up empty but i know they want us to continue stong and make em proud life short work hard live young..

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