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Message from: dawn, 13 Mar 06

Subject: dad

my dad died oct 05 he was my best friend and i miss him more every day.he died of lung cancer, i nursed him through it to the end, i`m absolutly devestated. when will i stop crying?

Reply from:xoxox


hi my dad died in noverber i feally like the worlds burst i would cryed my self to sleep for 2 weeks and i need to just talk 2 some 1 but i dont feel comfertable talkin 2 any of my

Reply from:becky

Subject: dad

Hi im becky
i lost my dad on the 3rd september 2005 of da same thing. i blamed myself.i will allways remeber him. if ya need to chat im there4 ya.

Reply from: dawn


becky its so hard don`t blame yourself though its no ones fault life is cruel at times i`m there for you if you need to talk, i know what your going through.

Reply from:alison


hey guys, i lost my step dad too in june 05 too lung cancer, felt like my world had fallen apart and still do at times. (although he was my step dad he was still my dad none the less.) always here for a chat if anyone needs it.

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