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Message from: kate, 13 Mar 06

Subject: please help me

hi there,my dad passed away last april,very sudden,heart attack and internal bleed,its almost a year and now im on antidepressants,i cant accept that his gone,i sometimes see him in my dreams,i just wish it was real,i cant understand why god takes good people,he was only 48,i want him back,im scared of coming off the antidepressants as i was bad,i dont know what to do,please can anyone help?kate

Reply from:Ella

Subject: my bro

hi Kate,your dad woz 32 years older than my brother who woz
16.He died on Saturday the fifth
of March,he died in a car crash.
I find that it helps to talk about
the person who has died.Please write back from Ella.

Reply from: Jen

Subject:Reply to Kate

Hi Kate

My name is Jen. My dad had a heart attack two years ago. He nearly died but he pulled through. He is doing ok now but seeing him in hosptial was very hard. I am so lucky he is still with me.

However, 2 months ago i lost my best friend very unexpectedly. I miss him every day. I find it difficult to excect he is gone, he was only 22. He was an amazing person and loved by so many people.

I don't think i will ever stop hurting as i think some pain will never go away.

I do know though, that i will learn how to deal with it. I now realise how important life is.

You should try your hardest to make the most of your life. You sound like you want to get on with your life.

I felt guilty at first but your dad would be so proud of you.

Stay strong. lots of love , x x

Reply from:becky


Hi im becky
i lost my dad on the 3rd september 2005. i blamed myself.i will allways remeber him. if ya need to chat im there4 ya.

Reply from: Nina

Subject:(no subject)

Hiya i know how u feel, my dad wud ov bin 40 this yr, and even know i still cant believe it, and i still think i can see him...It will do get easier, but there will always b summink tht will remind u ov him...
it will get easy
keep smiling and chin up
loadza hugz
x x x x

Reply from:poppy

Subject:pls help me

i know what it's like it's horrible but what i found was that i was scared of losing the memories and that if i wrote them down then i wouyld still have them to look back on it's helped a bit so that might help you xxx

Reply from:kate

Subject: replies

hi there,kate here,
thank you for all your replys,it was nice of you and yeah i am sorry to hear of all of sad news,and well today the 17th has been really hard ,i been crying and miss my dad so much,i know his up there watching,i just wanna see him,and i turn to food for comfort which isnt good,i havebrillient friends and family and my daughter is great,i just cant see life getting any easier,kate

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