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Message from: vicki, 13 Mar 06

Subject: ma boyfriends died

hi iv neva lost any1 b4 but 2 days ago my boyfriend was killed in a car crash i was wiv him 4 5 yrs an i dnt no wht 2 do wiv out him lifes not the same anymore.

Reply from: sarah

Subject:(no subject)

hi, i wanted to reply to your message i have recently lost my boyfrind of 2 years in a tradgic accident. i feel so empty too if you want to talk about it i would be happy to listen maybe we can help each other?

Reply from: laura

Subject:keep grining

I lost my boyriend in a car crash just over a year ago. I felt like you. I didnt know what to do. I found writing a diary helped. Or you could try writing to him. Dont hold any thing back, write what you feel. It will help. hope this helps x

Reply from: tina

Subject: losing a boyfriend

im sorry to hear that you lost your boyfriend,my boyfriend of 3 years died 4 months ago,i find everyday hard to cope with still,what we need is a bereavement group to attend to help us out of this dark and gloomy pit we have been thrown into,i feel sorry for us and all the other people too,takecare,x

Reply from: jackie
Subject : my boyfriend died in a car accident
Im sorry 2 hear about ur boyfriend i lost mine 5 wk's ago 2day and find it harder each and every day. i miss him like mad now a massive part of my life has gone,he was my soul mate best mate as well as b in a dad.
Reply from: stace
Subject : i lost ma love too
hello hunni
i lost my botfriend just a few months ago. and i thought i would never be the same again. but now i just think bk ov the gr8 times we had toghethr and how he would never want too see me sad. i keep my head high for him. but yep it is so hard at nite i do cry. but onli when i think he is sleepin :( keep yer chin up darlin things will get better in time xxxx

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