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Message from: Charlie, 10 Mar 06

Subject: its startin 2 hit me

I think evenrything is starting 2 hit me bout Chantelle dieing now starting 2 find it hard 2 keep up with homework and stuff and im takin my options soon and im soo worried bout how i will cope with corse wrk ill alot now and i hardly eva used 2 b b4 my sis it cz she died? ...i dnt wnt 2 go 2 tha doctaz because they will just say i need councerling buti dnt wnt tht becasue all they say is tht wre sit dwn and make stuff and i dnt wana do tht cz im not a 5 yaer old !!! i feel so alone and nun of my m8s realsie how hard this is sumone plz help thanx x.x.x.x.x.x

Reply from:Nicky

Subject:hiya charlie

i'm sorry 2 hear bout ure sister. i read ure message nd i think tht even though u dnt wont counselling u shud think bout it. it really helps u dnt have 2 sit and make things they'll help u to tlk bout hw ure feelin. it wnt jus be bout ure sister it'll be bout school nd hw ure coping with every day things too. nd it sounds like ud like 2 tlk 2 sum1 bout school work etc
i went to c a counsellor nd it did help quite abit. especially if ure m8s dnt understand, its jus uve gt some1 there whos going to help u as best they can. just think bout it.
best wishes nicky xxxxx

Reply from: ~*stephanie*~

Subject: i no

srry 2 hear bout ure sis. i no how u feel my bro just died and its just starting 2 hit me well i take councelling and it helped alot soo u shud just think bout it...

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