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Message from: Tasha, 10 Mar 06

Subject: My dad

My dad died just over a week ago, he had cancer. he was only 43 and im finding it hard to cope. the funeral is tomorrow, and i dont know if i am going to be able to deal with it. can anyone help?

Reply from:Lara

Subject: It hurts

I know how you feel and it might not seem like you can cope right now, but it will get better, my dad died two years ago and i think about him every day. I can't say the funeral will be easy for you, but he would be so proud of you. Try not to worry too much.

Reply from:charley

Subject:ur message

i'm not sure if you will read this before the funeral or not, but i just want to tell you that its gonna be hard but you will get through it. think how proud ur dad would be of you to go today. my dad died in his forties aswell. i know how you feel - you just want to say their too young to die. you don't expect your dad to die before you.
at my dads funeral it was so strange to see so many people there - i knew my dad had lots of friends but there were people i'd never met. its comforting to see that its not just you who misses your dad.
it was four and a bit years ago since my dad died and i went to the funeral. to be honest it's all quite a blur. i just remember being overwhelmed with it all because i was only 11. i don't know how old you are but i'm 16 now so it was a while ago.
just think today and always how proud your dad is of you and today you will do him proud.
good luck.

Reply from:kate

Subject: dad

hello there,
sorry to hear your loss,i must tell you,my dad passed away last april,it will soon be a year,at his furneral i done a speach,it was hard,people said to me that it gets easier in time,well everyone is different,im still finding it hard to accept,he died suddenley,heart attack,internal bleed,but my one bit of advice is to talk about your feelings,dont bottle it up,its hard but its important,i also believe that their spirits live on,you take care and message me back if you like,xxxx

Reply from: frances

Subject: (no subject)

i hope u got thru the funeral ok, your dad would be proud of you for just getting thru it howeveru did. and u did do it. good luck, hun, you ll be ok, just take things very slowly and let yourself mum doed four months ago and im just starting to cry properly now, it ok to let your feelings out. your dad is ok now and he isnt sick anymore. take that as a comfort and know that he is with the angels now and looking out for you as much as he can, its hard to feel him there with you, i know, but he is. lwith love, frances.

Reply from:becky


Hi im becky
i lost my dad on the 3rd september 2005. i blamed myself.i will allways remeber him. if ya need to chat im there4 ya.

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