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Message from: olly, 06 Mar 06

Subject: you can move on

you can always move on from anything, just beilive you can, theres no point in concentrating on the bad things or you wont be around for the good ones.
all the person would want is for you to be happy and to move on, they wouldnt want you to be upset now would they?
ive kept all this in mind through my experience, and im now fine.
at first it didnt really effect me, i wasnt that sure how to react becuase id never been through something like this.
when it eventually hit me i was very upset
through time all my emotions have gone from flying everywhere back to their normal selves, im back to normal now. I know ive lost a loved one, who can never ever be replaced, but i know they will always forever be in my heart, and i know that from this i am now a stronger person. i can deal with most anything now. its not a bad thing to move on, dont feel guilty, its what they would want.

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