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Message from: np, 04 Mar 06

Subject: i miss him

My uncle died just b4 xmas and it is hard :( i miss him so much. i was neva aloud 2 greive at home so i done a song about him, drawed him, and even done poems bout him. my grandad and nanna died not long ago aswell and it kills me deep down. teachers are not supportive and they say i am bein stupid and i aint i am just greiving. has any 1 lost a relative through suicide if u have plz tell me how i can let go cos i am goin mad !!! and deepest sympothy 2 all those who have lost a love 1 xxx

Reply from:Sadie

Subject:i'm sorry

hi, i lost my dad about 3 yrs ago, 2 suicide, its gud tht u r greivin, loosin sum1 is the hardest thing ever, and wen u havnt got the support u need off ppl around u, mkes it even harder, have u had counciling, iv bin having it for 3yrs now, and it has helped me more then i ever thort it cud, it is tuff, but in the end makes u a stronger a person, hope this has helped u xxx

Reply from: nj


hi, thanks yea i have had councilling they think i am ok now well i dont fink that. went 2 see sum one today and they didnt understand me and that made me angry they said i should just get over it becouse it happened 5 months ago, but to me it feels like yesterday, he was like my brother not my uncle and the other day in school i thought i seen him and started crying and my teacher laugthed at me and that made me angry but thanks 4 ur help and advice. i am realy sorry about your dad it must have been hard for you thanks xx

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