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Message from: Sophie, 04 Mar 06

Subject: Hey

I left a message on here a while ago about my dad. he died nearly a year ago now and im finding it really hard. last week was my 17th birthday and it was really strange that i ddint go to meet my dad. A family friend died last week too, and i know it sounds selfish but im not grieving for her at all, its just reminded me of last year and after my loss. Its really got me down and i dont know what to do. i want to sleep, but i cant. i want to talk about it, but i cant. i really want to ignore it but i cant do that either. Please help me!!

Reply from: eliza

Subject: hi

i have the same thing with my mum . i have a techer at school who talks to me about it ,that really helps. it helps to just say to someone who you trust how you feel. maybe it would be easier to email them , but if you tell them and ask them to start a conversation , it might help. i find that once i start talking about it i cant stop. it is upsetting, but it helps in the long run. dont try and forget him , remember him and cry and be upset , it helps. the sleeping thing, if you write down how you feel, just write it all down and cry , then read a bit maybe , it helps to sleep . i hope i help you ,. there is a site in the links on this site called and there is a place on it called1-2-1 where you can talk online with a profesisonal person. i find it helps. hope this helpss, love eliza

Reply from: Sophie


Thanks, thats some pretty good advice. Ive recently had a chat with my tutor at school and shes been great. She gives me a cuddle when i cry, and lets me sit in her lessons when im feeling down. the sleepings getting a bit better too, i think im just so exhausted!! Im starting to think about the fact that next month itll be a year since my dads death, that worries me a lot because i still dont feel like ive grieved at all. Did you ever feel like that? How are you? xxxx (Hi, Sophie, Rd4u, here, sorry but we haven't been able to post a reply you sent to someone else because there was no message number, so we don't know where to put it. If you would like to send it to us again with a message number we will post it. Thanks.)

Reply from: Eliza 03 Aug 2007

im glad my reply helped. anniversarys of any day that was important are hard. i think that things get better with time. and life goes on, with you or without you. sometimes its hard to catch up, but im getting there. i hope you get there too, hope you find yourself happy soon. love elizaxxx

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