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Message from: sadie, 04 Mar 06

Subject: my dad

its bin 3 years and 1 month, since my dad died,he commited suicide. somethin i never thort wud happen, he showed no signs of wantin 2 do sumfin like this, ppl think coz its bin 3 yrs i shud strt to move on n shudnt b cryin so much, but i can never get ovr this, he was my best friend, iv been tryin so hard these last 2months to be positive bout evyrthin basically forgt bout my feelings but i cant, i h8 bein upset cuz i think ppl mite think im pathetic, i jus feel so lost, i wana cry but i cant, evry1 who i thourt cared about me just hurt me, i really dnt no wot 2 do, plz help me,xxxx

Reply from:Yasmin

Subject:Your dad

Iam so sorry to hear about your dad.My dad was killed last year at the tt iom some silly of a marshall stood out in the road. I find it very difficult to cope with it i always cry if u feel u want 2 cry u can always contact me n cry i want say anyting 2 any1 u csn contact me wen eva u r not pathetic luv yasmin xxxx

Reply from:sadie

Subject: my dad

thank u for ur message yasmin, its hard, n i kp my feelings in, but sumtimes its easier but i no tht isnt gud, thnk u agen for ur messge xx

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