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Message from: katy, 04 Mar 06

Subject: my dad and grandad

my dad died suddenly in july 2005 whilst mowing the lawn at home! my grandad died suddenly whilst out shopping one afternoon in nov 2005! i was really close to both of them, it was the worst time of my life! my mum and dad had been married 33 years, been so happy, they were totally devoted to each other! then fate strikes and takes my dad away!? watching my mum being heartbroken is so hard, especially through no fault of her own. when my grandad died (my mums dad) the same feelings came flooding back with avengence!! im so mad, but then so sad. my family think im coping well,maybe because im a nurse. it makes it worse, im not coping well at all. this is why i contacted this website, im not too good at talking but if anyone wants to ill give it a go. i cant go on like this forever!

Reply from: chloe

Subject: my grandad

Im so sorry

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