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Message from: emma, 04 Mar 06

Subject: (no subject)

when i was 7 my best freind died i said good by 2 her at the end of the dayit was a friday and we all went back 2 skool on the monday but she wasnt there and i though were is she then r headteacher came in and said that she was killed on saturday see died when a wall fell on her at a family barbq i was shocked and then we had a asemble then it all just came 2 me and i got upset my mum has taken me 2 a councerler and i see a lady at skool but it is really the worst thing is she only just moved her that yr and she died 4 days bewhin my birthday and 10 days bewhin her birthday i really miss her help me plz

Reply from:RD4U Team

Subject: message 4 u

Hi Emma, thankyou for ur messsage & I'm so sorry to hear about the recent death of your dad. It's hard when someone so close to you dies. The pain and missing can feel so bad that you can think the only way to cope is to take ur own life. What can really help is to talk about your feelings so you can find other ways to cope. Could you talk to your mum ? or even to a teacher you trust ? You can also talk to people who are there specifically to help people who are finding life hard. Samaritans (08457 90 90 90 ) & Childline (0800 11 11 ) are there 24 hours a day to listen and help. You can even talk to a counsellor online at You don't have to go through this all on your own. People never 'get over' a death but you can with help and support find a way to live with what's happened. Wishing you all the best for now.

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