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Message from: nin-nini, 04 Mar 06

Subject: deaths

its so hard to say good bye to yesterday its hard when you are always seeing them ever time wehave something and don't see them there with us and somethings are not the same because that person is gone.

Reply from: sarah, 10 May 06

Subject: i know

i go roung my mums and when i walk in i can still smell her smell and i have images of my mum at the door waving at me....and now it just seems surreal she went 2 wks ago it was my birthday on tue so i went round there and sat in her bad we never knew she was dying

Reply from: ellie

Subject: my dad died

i totally understand how you feel. im 16 and i lost my dad this year. it hurts me that he wont see me get married , have kids etc. i wish i could talk or see him again for 5 minutes. it was a sudden death and all i can think about is the day he left me :( my 3 year old sister was very close to him and she keeps shouting dad alot :(

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